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Transporting Your Car Safely

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Are you planning to do a big move, perhaps to another state all together? If that’s the case you may not want to drive your car from Point A to Point B, but you certainly don’t want to leave it behind either! This is when people turn to vehicle transport companies to safely and reliably move your car for you, without actually having to drive it.

What is a Vehicle Transport Company?

A vehicle transport company is a service that is able to pick your car up and move it to the destination of your choosing. They transport it aboard a large truck that is specifically meant to move vehicles. This means that no-one is actually driving your car, adding mileage, and subjecting it to the hazards of the road.

The driver will meet you at the point of pick-up and then have you sign-off on the vehicle at the destination. Keep in mind that depending on the drop-off location you may need to meet in a large parking lot. The transport trucks are quite large and aren’t always allowed on city and residential streets.

Enclosed Transport?

Some of these companies even offer enclosed transport. What this means is that your car will be enclosed in a trailer. Typically this service is more expensive so it tends to be used for antique and high-end sports cars. Because the trailer can only transport one vehicle at a time, you’re also paying a premium since you’re the only customer.

This type of transport is able to protect the car from the weather conditions, which can be unpredictable at best especially in cold-weather climates.

Long and Short Distances

These vehicle transports can be used for both short and long distances, making them a versatile option for many car enthusiasts and owners.