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Helping farmers and their tractors to survive

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Thank goodness for these industries. After all, they are all helping us to put food on our tables at night. If it wasn’t for our hardy farmers, where would the world be, never mind us. And given the trying circumstances that they are being forced to operate under, where would cash-strapped, small scale, free market and environmentally sustainable farmers be today without their aftermarket tractor parts. In fact, don’t discount any of the other industries just yet.

They have their roles to play as well. And mainly due to hard use, their tractors break down too. Not many small businesses these days have the budget to sustain ongoing breakdowns and spare part replacements. In many cases, parts are not being reproduced anymore with manufacturers of original tractors designing and manufacturing new implements. The intention is not to deliberately force hard-pressed farmers to repurchase and upscale, but such is the condition of today’s modern auto industries which, of course, include the manufacture of small, medium to industrial-sized tractors.

Believe it or not, they are even building autonomous tractors. What this basically means is that they are building robots which could put thousands of farm hands out of work. In the meantime, our best farmers really know what they’re doing. They know that they can always rely on their trusty iron steed to help them with their harvesting and tilling. And when the old girl does need replacement parts as she sure is going to need, it’s nice to know that both farmer and his gal can rely on an expert retail technician who knows how to source parts that perfectly match those that have now had to be discarded.

Re-used spare tractor parts are a sustainable business all on its own.