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Loading Ramps

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When loading items to and from a truck, or onto some other higher surface, commercial organizations are going to need equipment that makes the process a lot easier. In some cases, you can simply have your workers lift the item the necessary height to get it onto the truck or higher surface. But this is not always the best idea. Not only could you risk one of your employees getting hurt on the job, but you could risk them dropping the items and damaging them. And some items are simply too heavy for one or two workers to lift effectively.

So what can be done here? The best thing you can do is to get heavy equipment loading ramps that will make everything so much easier. If the items are being rolled on a dolly or a contraption of a similar nature, you can simple attach the removable ramp to the higher surface where you want to take the item. Whether it is a truck or a loading dock that is higher than the other surface, the ramp will get the job done for you in a more efficient way. It is certainly easier for your workers than asking them to lift heavy items and potentially injure themselves.

And the best part about these ramps is the amount of weight they can hold. The standard ramps are going to get you at least 800 pounds of load capacity, while the heavy duty ones can hold as much as 1300 pounds of items without an issue. So when we said you may have items your workers simply cannot carry, we were not joking! These insanely heavy items are impossible to lift onto the higher surface, which is why you need a heavy duty ramp to help get them loaded on the back of a truck in quick time.